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Girls in Engineering
Girls in Engineering
Join Selkirk College and GLOWS for a full day of engineering for youth in Grades 6 to 9. Explore how engineering is used to solve real-world problems; build, test and redesign a prototype. There is a place for everyone in engineering.
Sexual Violence Awareness Month October 2017
Join Selkirk College in changing the conversation...
Healthy Campus focusses on sexual violence in October as Selkirk College is committed to maintaining a safe and respectful learning environment.
Mir Lecture Series: Avi Lewis
After 25 years as a journalist and filmmaker, in 2015 Avi Lewis devoted himself full time to working for climate justice.
Learning is Lifelong.
Learning is Lifelong.
Find your fall Community Education & Workplace Training Course Calendar in the mail and online.
Adult Basic Education Tuition is Free!
Graduate high school, get prerequisites for college or university and improve your skills and understanding in Upgrading at Selkirk College
Book Cover of Journeys Taken: Selkirk College - The First 50 Years
Explore Our Region’s History
This 200-page coffee table book traces Selkirk College’s tremendous 50-year post-secondary legacy with history, individual stories and photographs in a beautifully designed volume that will be a cherished keepsake.
runner lacing up shoes on a path
Relieve stress, join a team and have fun.
Campus Recreation offers students, staff and the community modern fitness facilities, dance classes, yoga, archery, basketball, volleyball and martial arts just to name a few.


On Selkirk College

Selkirk College is changing the conversation around sexual violence on campus and in our community. A violence free culture involves everyone especially men who can speak out against it. Learn more about Selkirk College's ongoing efforts at


Study at Selkirk College while hitting the slopes in world-renown West Kootenay.


Catching up with Michelle Devine and Ashley Simon, graduates of the Hairstylist program at Selkirk College. After graduation, Ashley and Michelle have gone on to open their successful Lōkel Hair Studio, in Nelson, BC.


At Selkirk

Oct. 17

From your pantry to our students' tables...
There's another way to feel and we are here to help.

Oct. 18

There's another way to feel and we are here to help. Learn why you or someone you care about may...
What does quality and safety in BC health care mean for students and faculty?

Oct. 19

Far from being different realms of study, mathematics and art have always gone hand in hand, and...
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